January 2003 - Popular Hot Rodding
Thank you to everyone involved in this project!  Here are some of the pictures that appeared in the magazine. We will be adding more of the original photos very soon.

This is the January 2003 Edition of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine, vol 43., No 1

These are just some of the photos featured in the article. The project is entitled "The Mule". These few photos show exactly why many people choose All American Auto Upholstery for their interiors. Careful preperation of vehicles, care of customers vehicles and top-notch customers support make All American the best auto interior shop in Michigan.

Stewarts Ten Interior Tips (As Seen in Popular Hot Rodding)

  1. Kee the front and rear windows out of vehicle so that interior guy can install the headliner and such.
  2. Don't assume a rollcage is installed symetrically in a car - usually they aren't. Make clearances for each tube by measuring, measuring, marking and cutting.
  3. Slide doors often don't close correctly because the factory wind lacing which was originally installed to fill the door gap is interfering with the door closing. One fix is to tap the body flange inward so it doesn't crash into the wind lace.
  4. Don't apply spray on "protectant" to interior components; it attracts dirt and gives the vehicle an uneven finish.
  5. If you want imitation leather in your car, which seems to be in right now, avoid the "satin" finish, as it gets shiny in high wear spots - the semigloss products seem to weather very well.
  6. Run speaker wires and CD controller wire before installing carpet.
  7. If you are using a molded carpet kit, take the carpet out of the box and lay it out in the sun to let it relax to it's final shape long before going to upholstery shop.
  8. If you're trying to figure out what color to make your interior, know that dark interiors don't show gaps like a light colored interior, so they usually look better with less finesse work.
  9. It's a good idea to lubricate interior clips with Vaseline before trying to install them. The gap between the wind lace and 1/4-trim panels can be filled with black silicone.
  10. Keep the headliner bows in their original locations, or clearly mark them for future use.

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